Tournament Rules

We mostly follow the tournament rules laid out by the Tournament Director Association.  Those rules can be found here – TDA rules.

In order to qualify for points or a gift certificate, you must have a $10 tab. Players at the final table may be reminded of this, but it is up to the player to make sure he or she qualifies for points and house cash.  This is an attempt to keep freeloaders out of the bars, and to protect our valued players.  If you want to sit around and drink water, then stay home and play poker on Facebook.  Support this poker league by supporting the bar that hosts the event.

Add ons

For the first 5 rounds, players will be rewarded $1000 in chips for every item valued under $10, and $2000 in chips for every item valued $10 or more.

There can be an additional add on for existing league players who bring new players to the league.  An existing player will receive five thousand in chips for each new player brought.  All new players to the league will receive two thousand extra chips.

New to this season, anyone wearing a Freeroll Atlanta shirt or hat will receive an additional two thousand chips.

Registration and Seating

Please be at the venue before the game starts. If you arrive after the first blind level you will lose one thousand chips for each blind level missed.  If you show up after the game starts, but there are no seats available, you will be put on a wait list.  Late registration ends after one hour.  If you arrive after game has started and there are no seats available, you will be put on a wait list and you will only be able to play if a seat becomes available before the end of the first hour.  If you arrive before the game begins but there are no seats then you absolutely will be able to play, and you will be put on a wait list.

We do not do a random seating arrangement because we feel the players should have a choice in sitting with their friends.  However, you may be asked to move in order to balance tables.


All poker tournaments are freezeouts.  If you get knocked out of the tournament then you may not re-enter. Accepting chips from another player will result in both players being removed from the tournament.  Once you’re out, you’re out.

Of course, these rules may change in a charity event or special tournaments that allows rebuys.


Unruly behavior will result in a warning, followed by removal from the tournament.  If it’s bad enough, you may be banned from any Freeroll Atlanta games.

We do not tolerate players who walk out on their tabs without paying.  Players may be banned immediately if they leave without paying.  Most of our venues require the servers to pay for any unpaid tabs.  If you walk out on a tab, you’re essentially stealing from our servers.

Remember, you’re at a public bar, not at a house game.  Treat the equipment and venue with respect.  The venue and tournament director reserves the right to remove you at their discretion.

Freeroll Atlanta Final Tournament Prize Legal Documentation

Each quarter, Freeroll Atlanta Poker will award a Grand Prize to one single winner at the quarterly final tournament.  The player who wins first place (known hereafter as WINNER) will receive a three night stay in Las Vegas at a hotel as well as round-trip flights for two persons (known hereafter as the GRAND PRIZE) from Freeroll Atlanta.

The winner may opt to accept $600 cash from Freeroll Atlanta in lieu of the Grand Prize.  The $600 will be available at the Final Tournament.

Freeroll Atlanta may ask for tax ID information from the Winner, and tax ID information must be provided before being awarded the Grand Prize or $600.

Freeroll Atlanta will work with the Winner to select a hotel and airline for the Grand Prize, however, the choice of hotel and airline ultimately belongs to Freeroll Atlanta.

The Winner is expected to pay for the hotel’s Resort Fees and/or Incidentals Deposits , and will most likely need to provide a credit card to the hotel upon check-in for the Resort Fees and / or Incidentals Deposits.

Freeroll Atlanta is only liable for the initial cost of the airfare and hotel fees.  Freeroll Atlanta is not responsible for Resort Fees imposed by the Hotel, seat upgrades at the Airline, room upgrades at the Hotel, minibar purchases at the Hotel, drinks / food purchased at the airport or on the airplane, wifi purchases, damages caused to the Hotel or Airline, or any other fees or products the Winner may accrue while traveling or staying.

If for whatever reason the Airline or Hotel bills Freeroll Atlanta for any items or purchases made by the Winner after the initial booking, including Resort Fees, the Winner will be liable to reimburse Freeroll Atlanta for all items billed.

Freeroll Atlanta is not responsible for any injury caused to the Winner or the Winner’s belongings.

A refund will not be awarded to the Winner should the Winner cancel the Airfare or Hotel after Freeroll Atlanta has booked them.

The Winner must cover any costs needed to reschedule or rebook any part of the Grand Prize.

The above also applies to the Guest of the Winner.