Freeroll Atlanta and RiRa Irish Pub present

The First Annual Harbour Bar Charity Tournament

On December 8th, one of our fellow poker players, Nathan Colley, was running to catch the last train home when he suffered a fall that caused a traumatic intraparenchymal hemorrhage that required an emergency crainiotomy.

Fortunately, the trauma team and neurosurgeons at Grady Hospital were able to stop the bleeding and swelling, saving Nathan’s life.  However, the recovery process will be a lengthy one, with a further surgery required to replace the portion of skull that was removed and left off to allow for post surgical swelling.

After the surgery, both his short and long term memory were affected, something that has since resolved itself, but will need regular sessions with the occupational and speech / language therapists at Grady in the coming months.

Nathan’s medical bills are going to be massive, and he’s lost a lot of time that could have been spent working.

So, we’re putting together a charity tournament to help him out with some of his finances!

On January 23rd, starting at 7pm, we’ll be hosting a $50 buy-in charity tournament, with a $10 bonus addon at the beginning.  Rebuys for $50 will be allowed through the first 4 blind levels.

Credit cards will be accepted.

There will be a guaranteed first place prize of $500.  This may increase as the number of buy-ins increase.

The buy-in will include a buffet provided by RiRa.

Following the poker tournament will be a silent auction and then a party in the Harbour Bar with a DJ.  Tournament players will have free entry to this afterparty.

So please, mark your calendars!  Come out and support our efforts to help a fellow Freeroll Atlanta player, and win some prizes for yourself!  Thanks in advance!






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