Aaron and Whitney Split the Spoils



Last weekend a small group of contestants met in a battle of wits in the top room of a tower looking out over the vast kingdoms.

Many qualifiers didn’t bother to show; instead enjoying the weather or visiting foreign lands.

But those who did compete fought with ferocity.  Sorcerers and wizards hurled balls of flame, while conjurers summoned all sorts of monster and demon.  Each contestant tried their best to outsmart the other.

The Champion of the lands, Sir Eddie Hardy, was felled just as he neared the end of the contest. Having slain the Champion, the final two fighters decided enough damage had been done, and called a truce.

King Aaron and Queen Whitney emerged side by side as the dragonsmoke dissipated.  An agreement was signed, and they flew off into the night – King Aaron on his gryphon, Queen Whitney on her pegasus.

A grumbling could be heard from the mustached sage, Odier.







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