August saw one of Freeroll Atlanta’s tightest races to the top.  Four players were neck and neck in the final week of August, but one player burst above the rest in the final day of the month.

That man was Ajai.  Ajai started the month with a huge lead, due to a first place finish that included KO points and a bonus 5 points for the season opener.  He maintained that lead for the first week, but attracted the attention of former champion Eddie Hardy, as well as Meghan Kohn and Lan Green.

It looked as if Meghan was going to end the month at the top spot, but a 3rd place finish at The Vortex in Midtown pushed Ajai into the top spot at the last minute.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 4.20.09 PM

From our point of view, it was a fun final week to watch!

So let’s take a look at Ajai’s stats for August.

Total points:  82
Player score:  0.701
Total KOs:  41
KO points:  14
Registrations:  17
Final table percentage:  59%
Points per game:  4.82
Total winnings:  $140

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 3.53.16 PM

Looking at the chart above will show us how Ajai placed in each of his tournaments, relative to the amount of people in the tournament.

We see some solid finishes in the first 4 games, but then Ajai really went boom-or-bust.  A finish in the bottom 3 was then followed by a finish in the top 3 for a week or so.  But it was the two games there in the end that pushed him ahead into the lead.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 3.57.54 PM

This pie chart is interesting as well.  Ajai finished in the top 3 just as many times as he missed the final table.  A 17% first place percentage ain’t nothing to mess with!

Congratulations on finishing at the top, Ajai.  We’ll see where the next 2 months put you.

Now, let’s see who else stirred things up in the League this month:

Meghan Kohn, crusher of dreams at Brewhouse and Diesel
Jim Arinik, makin’ ’em weep at Front Page News and Ri Ra
Lan Green, perfect attendance for 4 months in a row, and top player at Ri Ra Mondays


August League Stats

  • Best player score:  Tabatha Michel, 0.911
  • Most KOs:  Ajai, 41
  • Most KO Points:  Ajai, 14
  • Most registrations:  Lan Green / Eddie Hardy, 22
  • Most winnings:  Stephanie Alderman, $250 (Kings and Queens winner)
Top Players by Venue:

57th Fighter Group

  • Points:  Michael Harner, 17
  • Player score: Blaze, 0.897
  • KOs:  Nick Carpentieri / Michael Harner, 8

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Points:  Meghan Kohn, 17
  • Player score:  Chris McCauley, 0.853
  • KOs:  Meghan Kohn, 9

Deadwood Saloon

  • Points:  Ajai Karthikeyan, 38
  • Player score:  Randy Wainman, 0.839
  • KOs:  Ajai Karthikeyan, 18

Diesel Filling Station

  • Points:  Meghan Kohn, 22
  • Player score:  Tiffany Betner / Katie Boykin, 0.920
  • KOs:  Dennis Milligan, 12

Front Page News

  • Points:  Jim Arinik, 17
  • Player score:  Alex Parker, 0.884
  • KOs:  Ajai Karthikeyan, 7

RiRa Irish Pub – Sundays

  • Points:  Jim Arinik, 17
  • Player score:  Amanda Herrera, 0.952
  • KOs:  Jim Arinik, 9

RiRa Irish Pub – Mondays

  • Points:  Lan Green, 17
  • Player score:  Lan Green, 0.755
  • KOs:  Lan Green, 8

Vortex Little Five Points – Mondays

  • Points:  Andrew Hayes, 23
  • Player score:  Andrew Hayes, 0.
  • KOs:  Greg Kirby, 12

Vortex Little Five Points – Wednesdays

  • Points:  Gnick Waldorf, 24
  • Player score:  Dan Esrey, 0.893
  • KOs:  Gnick Waldorf, 11

Vortex Midtown – Sundays

  • Points:  Jeff Rakestraw, 16.5
  • Player score: Patrick O’Hearn, 0.938
  • KOs:  Jeff Rakestraw, 5