Ali Osman busted players left and right until he made it to the top of the points in June!

Ali topped the charts in points, knockouts, and registrations for the month.  Let’s take a look at those numbers.

Total points:  71
Player score:  0.622
Total KOs:  39
KO points:  5.5
Registrations:  23
Final table percentage:  43%
Points per game:  3.09
Total winnings:  $120

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.14.59 AM

Looking at the chart above, we can see that Ali had a pretty up and down month.  His finishes above average were equal to his finishes below average.  However, player score isn’t what matters at the end… it’s the points.


Curt came out fast and racked up 27 points in just the first 3 days of the month, but then we never saw him again (does anyone know if he’s ok…).  Then around mid-June, Randy looked like he was going to lock down the race to the top.  But then Jeff Rakestraw and Ali Osman got involved late, and overtook Randy.  Despite Jeff’s push at the end, he was unable to overtake Ali’s lead.

So good job, Ali.  You crushed everyone like a Somali pirate’s boat against the waves!

But let’s not forget everyone else…

Jeff Rakestraw, weekend warrior
Breana Murphy, lighting things up at Diesel
Kyle Allen, the Thursday night thunder

June League Stats

  • Best player score, 4 game minimum:  Curt Osmundsen, 0.863
  • Most KOs:  Ali Osman, 39
  • Most KO Points:  Randy Wainman, 6
  • Most registrations:  Ali Osman, 23
  • Most winnings: Randy Wainman, $235
Top Players by Venue:

57th Fighter Group, Thursdays

  • Points: Kyle Allen, 27
  • Player score: Kyle Allen, 0.920
  • KOs:  Kyle Allen, 17

57th Fighter Group, Saturdays

  • Points:  Scott Marino / Ali Osman, 25
  • Player Score:  Jeff Rakestraw, 0.792
  • KOs:  Jeff Rakestaw / Ali Osman, 9

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Points: Chris Nichols, 14
  • Player score:  Chris Nichols, 0.920
  • KOs:  Chris Nichols, 11

Diesel Filling Station

  • Points:  Breana Murphy, 17
  • Player score:  Breana Murphy, 0.819
  • KOs:  Ali Osman, 15

Front Page News

  • Points:  Gary Carrico, 19
  • Player score:  Big Mike Johnson, 0.753
  • KOs:  Ian Shellman / Errol Danley, 8

Republic Social House

  • Points:  Adam Hazel, 22
  • Player score:  Jessica Gale, 0.851
  • KOs:  Adam Valeiras, 12

RiRa Irish Pub – Sundays

  • Points:  Ali Osman, 13
  • Player score:  Jessica Gale, 0.873
  • KOs:  Ali Osman, 8

RiRa Irish Pub – Mondays

  • Points:  Tim Ryan, 28
  • Player score:  Tim Ryan, 0.861
  • KOs:  Tim Ryan / Jim Arinik, 6

Vortex Midtown

  • Points:  Jeff Rakestraw, 20
  • Player score: Jeff Rakestraw, 0.822
  • KOs:  Johnny Stephenson, 9