Trevor Love is our first winner at our new Kings and Queens monthly tournament!

Trevor took down our first ever Kings and Queens tournament on September 8th at Deadwood Saloon.

He got heads up with Henry Shoults.  Henry offered a chop, but the high king does not negotiate with terrorists.  He refused, and shortly after took the whole pot down and won himself $150.

“I’m gonna use this $150 to build a moat.”

To qualify for the Kings and Queens tournament, you must be one of the top two players at the end of the month from a specific weekly poker night (two players from Matador on Thursdays, two players from Vortex Midtown on Sundays, two players from Vortex Midtown on Tuesdays, etc.)

Trevor Love was one of the delegates from Matador Cantina on Thursday nights.

King Henry, the Conquered
King Trevor, victorious.


*Freeroll Atlanta does not apologize for the cheesiness of this post.