Last week our Spring Quarter winner, Angelo Wong, took his trip to Las Vegas, provided by us at Freeroll Atlanta!

Angelo took his wife, and they sent me back some photos from their trip.  The WSOP was going on while they were there, so they managed to snap some shots of some pro poker players and some of the scenery over there.

Angelo had originally planned on trying out one of the WSOP’s $1500 tournaments, but decided instead to play a $125 WSOP satellite.  Here’s how it went down:

First hand I get dealt AA, I’m under the gun, SB/BB are 25/25. Starting chip stack is 1000. I raise 100 and get 4 callers. Flop 10, 6, 2 with two hearts. I raise again, this time 250. One folds, the next guy shoves ALL-IN. I take a minute to decide and eventually call. He shows QQ and I breathe a sigh of relief he didn’t have a set. Turn card a blank, river a Q. So much for that.   We both played it the way it should have been played so I can’t complain.

Tough way to start and end a tournament!  However,

But after 3 solid days with over 20 hours of accumulated play, I made over $900 from cash games, both at the WSOP and at Caesar’s Palace’s poker room.


Good job Angelo.

He managed to snag a few photos of some pros.  This is the second Doyle sighting during a Freeroll Atlanta sponsored trip to Vegas!

Can’t wait to see who wins the next trip to Vegas!  Next Quarter Final is August 7th!