In the last week of January 2012, Carl Morris inched past the previous two months’ champion, Johnny Stephenson, and gained the most points for the month!

Carl Morris at the 1st Annual Harbour Bar Charity

Carl ended the month with 57 points, a player score of 0.576, and $120 in earned bar cash.  He averaged 3.35 points per game (6th place or better on average).  He only racked up 11 KOs, though – he just sat there in the dark and let you all kill each other off, and then leapt from the shadows to take his points.

Good job Carl!

Let’s look at Carl’s charts for the month:

The chart to the left shows Carl’s player score for each game.  The red line represents everyone’s average player score for January.  That score is sitting just below the 0.500 line.

Carl’s scores are pretty impressive.  He was only below average in 6 games, but above average in 11 games!




This chart shows each of the tournaments he played and how many people he outlasted.

The blue bar represents how many total people played that night.  The red bar represents the number of players Carl outlasted.  If the red and blue lines are of equal height, then that shows a win for Carl.





Other notables for January include Dave Matysiak‘s top player score (with at least 4 tournaments played) of 0.778!  And, of course, Martina Diamante‘s brutality at the tables and her 25 total KOs.

Here are the top 8 players for January.  These 8 players, plus Dave Matysiak (for having the highest player score without being in the top 8 ) will join November and December’s top players on February 7th for the $300 freeroll.

This tournament is at RiRa and begins at 8.  Only those who qualified will be allowed to play.


Andy Harrison
Keith Baxter
Dave Matysiak








Top players by venue:

Deadwood Saloon

  • Carl Morris – 14 points
  • Christian Covington – 0.659 player score
  • Bryan Blase – 8 KOs
Publik Draft House
  • Carl Morris and Keith Baxter – 17 points
  • Amir Atabaki – 0.689 player score
  • Keith Baxter – 13 KOs
RiRa Irish Pub
  • Andy Harrison – 37 points
  • Andy Harrison – 0.734 player score
  • Andy Harrison – 14 KOs
Vortex Little 5 Points
  • Jeff Harrah – 21 points
  • Rex Batson – 0.726 player score
  • Gary Jimenez – 14 KOs
Vortex Midtown
  • Val Jones – 31 points
  • Steve Cantor – 0.723 player score
  • Will Scott – 16 KOs