Last month a fire burned down a few of the buildings of North High Ridge Apartments in Poncey Highlands. Sonja, a long time bartender at The Independent lost everything, and we are coming to the rescue with a poker tournament to help ease the pain.

This is a $50 buy-in with unlimited re-buys for the first five blind levels, which are 20 minutes each. After that, there will be a 15 minute break where you can get a $25 add-on which is the same as your starting stack of 20k chips. Then you have to play tight or aggressive your choice, but there will be no more re-buys. The prize will be half of all money received, and the other half will go to the charity. Typically first place will receive 50%, 2nd 30%, and 3rd 20%, but that can be negotiated between players at the final table. Good luck to everyone!

Stay tuned for upcoming charities, which will include one for Make a Wish Foundation on August 5th. Also I’m working on a Friday night game and will post as soon as it is confirmed.

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