Starting Sunday October 30th, early chips will be awarded to those who arrive 15 minutes before scheduled start time of every game. This will be universal for all Freeroll Atlanta tournaments except the quarterly of course. Also in order to track sales, make sure to tell servers/bartenders at Biggerstaff Brewing Company on Sundays that you are playing poker when ordering.

There has been some confusion on how late players can get into games. The rule is one hour after scheduled start time. If you are close, send a message via Instagram, Facebook or email and chips will go on the table and be blinded out. One thousand chips per blind level will be deducted when starting.

This season Knockout points are only awarded at Biggerstaff Brewing Co. at 1pm on Sundays and Hotto Hotto at 6pm on Wednesdays.

Thanks everyone for coming out and making Freeroll Atlanta the greatest poker league!