Great tournament last Saturday. As always full of bad beats, brutal rivers, and even a royal flush for Lukas. We had 38 players battle to be number one. A couple notable mentions, Whitney won for best player score of the season, a staggering .850 and of course Bishop for most knockouts with a total of 89. The final table consisted of:

  1. Eddie Bee
  2. Nate Helms
  3. Tiffany McCombs
  4. Kramer
  5. Bongo
  6. Don Signore
  7. William Ow
  8. Quinlan Hanley
  9. Susan Kramer

Stay tuned for charity tournaments. I have one coming up on Thursday April 27th at The Warren 8pm and another on Sunday May 7th 2pm at The Independent. I have also partnered with Make a Wish Foundation for a casino/poker night charity at Mutation Brewery on August 5th. Emails and posts coming with details for each of these.

Lukas’s Royal Flush!
Bishop with the 89 knockouts for the season!
Final Table
Final Three
Nate and Eddie battling for first