Wednesday, November 7th at The Vortex in Little 5 Points will be our final Monthly Champs tournament. ¬†We’ve seen more excitement about the new Kings and Queens tournaments, so we’re going to put the prize money from the Monthly Champs prize into the Kings and Queens.

The prize will be $300 to the winner.  Players may chop up the prize money however they wish.

Players who qualified more than once will receive a rebuy for the first hour for every time they qualified.

Here are our final qualifiers for the Fall 2012 Monthly Champs tournament!

Monthly Champs qualifiers:

August Top 8

  1. James Man
  2. Judy Slaughter
  3. Stefan G
  4. Jeff Rakestraw
  5. Eddie Hardy
  6. Jessica Gale
  7. Randy Wainman
  8. Ken Sugden
  • Aaron Godbey and Doug Park qualify by player score / KOs.
September Top 8
  1. Carl Morris
  2. Tim Gore
  3. Eddie Hardy
  4. Stefan G
  5. Judy Slaughter
  6. Nate Barnes
  7. Shane Green
  8. Christian Green
  • Dave Matysiak, Ben Capper, and John Fargason qualify by player score/ KOs.
October Top 8
  1. James Man
  2. Will Melton
  3. Erik Tierney
  4. Matt Stanton
  5. Jessica Gale
  6. Eddie Hardy
  7. Mary Ann
  8. Ken Sugden
  • Charlie Charoenlap, Robert Blackwell, Andy Bibliowitz, and Paul Snyder qualify by player score / KOs.