Gary Carrico found himself at the top of the list for September 2014!  This may be his final distraction-free season before he starts yelling at the North Carolina basketball team!  He got his points in a pretty impressive manner!  Let’s look.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.03.21 PM

In the chart above we can see how well Gary played in each of his tournaments.  In only three of his thirteen games did he perform under the league average!  That’s pretty damn good!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.01.08 PM

And here we see the breakdown of his finishes.  Gary got first place 31% of the time!  He finished in first place more than at any other position.  That’s very very impressive!  85% of the time, Gary landed in the points.  He also had a points-per-game of 5.96 – the equivalent of third place on average.  Daaaaaagum!

Total points:  77.5
Player score:  0.791
Total KOs:  21
KO points:  10
Registrations:  13
Final table percentage:  85%
Points per game:  5.96
Total winnings:  $190

So congrats Gary.  We’ll see if this trend continues with Auburn football and North Carolina basketball on the TVs!

Here are the stats for the rest of our players….

Mike Johnson, making Deadwood Saloon his bitch.
Mike Johnson, making Deadwood Saloon his bitch.
Whitney Segars with the top score and KOs at Diesel.
Whitney Segars with the top score and KOs at Diesel.
Cedric Smith, best player score in the league.
Cedric Smith, best player score in the league.


September League Stats*

  • Best player score:  Cedric Smith, 0.842
  • Most KOs:  Lan Green, 28
  • Most KO Points:  Gary Carrico, 10
  • Most registrations:  Lan Green, 25
  • Most winnings:  Gary Carrico, $190
Top Players by Venue:

57th Fighter Group

  • Points:  Gary Carrico, 23
  • Player score: Gary Carrico, 0.802
  • KOs:  Blaze, 9

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Points: Adam Hazel, 18
  • Player score:  Hannah Apicelli, 0.856
  • KOs:  Zack Bergeson, 8

Deadwood Saloon

  • Points:  Mike Johnson, 19
  • Player score:  Mike Johnson, 0.834
  • KOs:  Tom Amos / Mike Johnson / Larry Headspeth, 8

Diesel Filling Station

  • Points:  Andrew Hays, 16
  • Player score:  Whitney Segars, 0.923
  • KOs:  Whitney Segars / Jessica Gale, 8

Front Page News

  • Points:  Lan Green, 29.5
  • Player score:  Cedric Smith, 0.931
  • KOs:  Anthony Mussillo, 10

RiRa Irish Pub – Sundays

  • Points:  Adam Hazel, 15
  • Player score:  Jessica Gale, 0.799
  • KOs:  Mike Odier, 12

RiRa Irish Pub – Mondays

  • Points:  Steve Czukas / Gary Carrico, 17
  • Player score:  Gary Carrico, 0.929
  • KOs:  Gary Carrico, 8

Vortex Little Five Points – Mondays

  • Points:  Travis Clement, 18
  • Player score:  Andrew Hayes, 0.813
  • KOs:  Matt Palumbo, 9

Vortex Midtown – Sundays

  • Points:  Cedric Smith, 21
  • Player score: Heather Stratton, 0.864
  • KOs:  Heather Stratton, 8