Greg Kirby is the Winter 2012 Winner!

Greg Kirby is the Winter 2012 winner!  He took down the final tournament on February 12th at Ri Ra Irish Pub, beating 37 other players.

The first place prize is a trip for two to Las Vegas for three nights.  He’ll be taking a buddy for his first time to Vegas in about a decade.  Good luck out there dude!

He won the tournament with a K8 of clubs, and beat Freeroll Atlanta TD Will Scott in the first hand of heads-up.  Greg also started the tournament with a pretty large stack of chips (players are awarded a chipstack based on the number of points they’ve accrued during the season), and maintained that large stack throughout the entire tournament.








As usual, the final 9 players also got their Freeroll Atlanta Final Tournament card protectors.  A handful of bottles of booze were also given out to some of the finalists, thanks to Ri Ra.

Looking forward to see who’s gonna win the upcoming Spring Final Tournament this year!  Get to the games, rack up the points, and then win that vacation!  See you all at the tables, and congratulations again, Greg!

*Not sure why it shows the wrong time for the final 3.  They did not play three-handed for 20 hours.








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