Jim Arinik has had quite a month!  Not only did he make history with three consecutive wins in a row (read about it here), he also just topped the player ladder for February!

Jim managed to rack up 72 points in only 13 games.  He finished with an impressive 0.627 player score, and saw the final table an outstanding 92% of the time!  Very nice, Jim!

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 11.01.05 AMWe can see in the above chart how his progress through the month went.  Jim had only 3 games in which he didn’t place higher than the league average!  We can also see the quick rise in points that correspond to his 3-game winning streak.

So good job, Jim!

Now let’s look at some other notable players and how folks performed at each of our venues:


 Deadwood Saloon

  • Most Points:  Jonathan Harris, 37.5
  • Top Player Score:  Greg Kirby, 0.868
  • Most KOs:  Jonathan Harris, 10 KOs
 Diesel Filling Station
  • Most Points:  Caleb Probst, 16 points
  • Top Player Score:  John Albrecht, 0.683
  • Most KOs:  Mike Morgan, 8 KOs
 The Elder Tree
  • Most Points:  Edie Propes, 20 points
  • Top Player Score:  Whitney Segars, 0.812
  • Most KOs:  Tommy Loveless & Moe Cuadra, 10 KOs
 Matador Cantina
  • Most Points:  Oliver Howington, 21 points
  • Top Player Score:  Will Melton, 0.736
  • Most KOs:  Dave Whitney, 8 KOs
 RiRa Irish Pub
  • Most Points:  Jim Arinik, 30 points
  • Top Player Score:  James Man, 0.846
  • Most KOs:  James Man, 12 KOs
 The Vortex in Little Five Points
  • Most Points:  Will Metlon, 34 points
  • Top Player Score:  Will Melton, 0.782
  • Most KOs:  Whitney Segars, Greg Kirby, Blondie, 9 KOs
 The Vortex in Midtown
  • Most Points:  Jim Arinik, 42 points
  • Top Player Score:  Brandon Hall, 0.786
  • Most KOs:  Larry Headspeth, 15.5 KOs
ICON_57th 57th Fighter Group
  • Most Points:  Gina Reed, 28 points
  • Top Player Score:  Gregg Herndon, 0.651
  • Most KOs:  Gina Reed, 9 KOs