Jonathan Harris is May’s Top Player!

Jonathan Harris is our top points earner for May 2012!  He racked up the most points out of our 214 players.  By the end of the month, he had 61 points, a player score of 0.519, 24 KOs, and $105 in bar cash earnings!  So good job, man!

Let’s have a look at John’s charts, showing his progress through the month:


The chart above represents the size of the tournaments Jonathan played in, and his ranking within each of those tournaments.  The blue line marks the size of the tournaments, and the red line represents how many people Jonathan outlasted.  Therefore, if the red line and blue line touch, then that represents a win for Jonathan!

Here we see how Jonathan compared to the rest of the league in each of his games.  The red line represents the average player score of all players through May.  By looking at the chart we see that Jonathan ranked above average 73% of the time!  Impressive!

Now we’ll take a look at some of you other players who are worth making note of.

Those players listed above in blue qualified for the monthly champions tournament to be held at a later determined date in August.  Players qualified by being in the top 8 for the month, having one of the top 3 player scores (with a minimum of 3 tournaments played), or having one of the top 3 total KOs.

Aside from Jonathan Harris’s 61 points, Amir Atabaki had the best overall player score (again, with at least 3 tournaments played) with a score of 0.746, Martina Diamante once again had the most KOs with 32 of them, and Kelly Lovett had an outstanding 7 points per game!  7 points per game in 5 games!  Kelly won 3 of those 5!

Kelly Lovett
Kacey Carelson
Martina Diamante







Stats per venue:

Deadwood Saloon

  • Most Points:  Judy Slaughter and Jonathan Harris – 21 points
  • Best Player Score:  KJ Little – 0.865
  • Most KOs:  Jonathan Harris – 10 KOs

The Elder Tree

  • Most Points:  Ryan Carter – 17.5 points
  • Best Player Score:  Trevor Love – 0.601
  • Most KOs:  Ryan Carter – 7 KOs

Matador Cantina

  • Most Points:  Ken Sugden – 25.5 points
  • Best Player Score:  Kacey Carelson – 0.730
  • Most KOs:  Anna Umfleet – 17 KOs

RiRa Irish Pub

  • Most Points:  Stefan Gremalschi – 20.5 points
  • Best Player Score:  Kacey Carelson – 0.746
  • Most KOs:  Joe Lamb – 14 KOs

Vortex Little 5 Points

  • Most Points:  Travis Clement – 23 Points
  • Best Player Score:  Travis Clement – 0.728
  • Most KOs:  Travis Clement – 17 KOs

Vortex Midtown

  • Most Points:  Amir Atabaki – 27 points
  • Best Player Score:  Amir Atabaki – 0.812
  • Most KOs:  Martina Diamante – 15 KOs








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