The Kings and Queens tournament for June will be held Friday, July 15th at Republic in Grant Park at 8pm.

The winner will receive $200 cash!

Players who qualified more than once will get that many rebuys for the first hour.

Here are the qualifiers:

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Curt Osmundsen
  • Zach McGee
  • Onaje Oladuwa
  • Greek John

Davinci’s Decatur

  • Jonathan Harris
  • Susan Kramer
  • Dennis Milligan
  • Gina Reed
  • Alex Parker

Diesel Filling Station

  • Yoshi
  • Calvin Delaney
  • Ryan Cannin
  • Paco
  • Greg Kirby
  • Dean Sperry

Republic Social House

  • Nathan Williams
  • Dave Banks
  • Dan Esrey
  • Joel Salgado
  • Greg Kirby

RiRa Irish Pub, Sundays

  • Joel Salgado
  • Eddie Hardy
  • Wael Sinno
  • Shane Green
  • John Mappin

RiRa Irish Pub, Mondays

  • Stefan G
  • Curt Osmundsen
  • Ian Shellman
  • Scott Philbeck

Vortex Midtown

  • Gary C
  • Ali Osman
  • Eric Davidson
  • Sarge Irions

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