New “Kings and Queens” monthly tournament.

Starting with the new Freeroll Atlanta Fall 2012 season, we’re introducing a new tournament for you to qualify for each month!  Each month TWO players from each venue’s individually scheduled night will compete against the other venues’ top players for a $250 prize.

Let’s try and make that a little easier to understand…  At the end of the month, we’re going to take the top two players with the most points from the Tuesday night Vortex Midtown game, and pit them against the top two players from the Wednesday night Vortex Midtown game, the Saturday Deadwood game, etc.  Each venue’s night will have two champions at the end of the month.  We have 12 different poker tournaments each week, so at the end of the month there will be up to 24 players competing in the Kings and Queens tournament.

We’re doing this because we understand some of you just can’t make it to multiple games a week.  Some of you really just like playing at the one game that’s in your neighborhood.  We want you more casual players to still feel like you have a chance at winning something a little bit bigger.  Plus, you know, bragging rights!  Be crowned the King or Queen of a particular venue, and then fight off the invading Kings and Queens from other venues for the top spot!

Good luck to all of you!  We’re excited to see how this monthly tournament goes!