Kris Fuqua wins January’s $100!

Congrats to Kris, shown above giving Nick a sucker punch of mockery, for winning $100 for having the most points accumulated in January!

Kris and Nick went into the final night of January within a half point of each other.  Nick ended up placing 3rd that night, and therefor gave Kris his championship.  Kris’s wife, Aeslya, nervously watched.

Congrats dude!






2 responses to “Kris Fuqua wins January’s $100!”

  1. Chuck Norris Avatar
    Chuck Norris

    Playing Kris heads up is the ONLY thing that scares me!

  2. Doyle Brunson Avatar
    Doyle Brunson

    Kris is one of the best players I have ever seen. He once bluffed a guy off a hand who was all in pee flop with pocket aces while showing his 7, 2 hand.

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