September’s Top Player – Martina!

After commanding an early lead at the beginning of the month, Martina Diamante beat 193 other players to finish the month with 60 points!  She finished a whole 14 points ahead of second place (Doug Park).  And, as usual, slaughtered everyone with 36 KOs in the month.  And let’s not forget her straight flush at RiRa.

The chart below shows each game that Martina played, and how many people she outlasted.  The blue line represents the number of players in the tournament, and the red line marks how many players she outlasted.  A first place finish is represented by lines being equal length.

The chart below shows Martina’s player score throughout the month.  Player score is a weighted score.  A strong finish in a large tournament will result in a higher score than if you finished in the same place in a smaller tournament.  So, a third place finish with 30 people will be a much better score than a third place finish with only 16 people.

Martina’s average player score at the end of the month was 0.533.  The average score for the whole league was 0.479.

So congrats to Martina and her top finish for September!

Other top finishers:

Randy Wainman
Trevor Love
Nick Carpentieri







Randy Wainman finished the month with the best player score.  His average ended up being 0.784 in 4 games.  He also had a 100% in-the-points average.  Good job dude!

Top players per venue:

Deadwood Saloon

  • Jim Fleming, 26 points
  • Jennifer Esposito, 0.764 player score in 3 games
  • Martina Diamante, 13 KOs
Publik Draft House
  • Alice Wong, 18 points
  • Alice Wong, 0.771 player score in 3 games
  • Keith Baxter, 9 KOs
RiRa Irish Pub
  • Martina Diamante, 31 points
  • Minal Patel, 0.809 player score in 3 games
  • Martina Diamante, 16 KOs
Vortex Bar and Grill – Little 5 Points
  • Trevor Love, 24 points
  • Trevor Love, 0.726 player score in 5 games
  • Trevor Love, 13 KOs
Vortex Bar and Grill – Midtown
  • Nick Carpentieri, 21 points
  • Judy Slaughter, 0.776 player score in 3 games
  • Nick Carpentieri, 18 KOs





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