Mike Morgan is our new season champion!


Mike took first place in August 5th’s Summer Season Championship.  He beat a field of 38 of our top players, ended up heads-up with Carl Morris, and landed the death blow with pocket aces!

The season championship tournament is a progressive stack tournament, meaning players begin the tournament with a chipstack based on the number of points they’ve accrued throughout the season.  Mike ended the 2012 Summer season with 63.5 points, putting him in the 29th position at the start of the final ($11,200 in chips).

Mike Morgan - 1st place
Carl Morris - 2nd place









Heads up definitely didn’t last long.  It’s not going to when Carl gets A-10 and pushes into Mike’s aces.  Bad timing!

Congrats to all of our players, and especially our final tables players!  Each of them got a commemorative Freeroll Atlanta Summer 2012 Season Final card protector.  But this season, thanks to RiRa and our friend Scott Greer at Heineken, we had some bonus prizes to give away to the top finishers as well!

KJ Little also received a bottle of Jameson, donated by RiRa, for having the top player score out of the top 40 qualifiers.  Good season, man!

So here’s how the tournament went down.  Thanks to everyone for coming out to the games every week!  We can’t wait to see who takes the top spot and wins a trip to Vegas next time!



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