Starting next Wednesday, October 27th, Freeroll Atlanta will be hosting a game at Deadwood Saloon.

Deadwood Saloon is located near RiRa at 12th and Crescent street, in the old Twisted Taco building.

We will be awarding DOUBLE POINTS and KO POINTS at this first night there.  So come out and get a last minute boost to your points for the upcoming final tournament on November 10th!

See you at Deadwood!

2 thoughts on “New poker night at Deadwood Saloon!”
  1. last Wednesday at deadwood was great! Could we offer the Poker players an option! For winning with an Ace-Eight (of any suit), get a shot or beer!

    We also love that poster we saw of the no headed guy standing up! Could you send us a copy of that? I would like to get posters made to advertise in house this week at Deadwood.


  2. Sarge,

    We had a real good time at Deadwood! Thanks for having us. I’m going to modify the free beer/shot promo though, because I ended up buying about 15 shots for people winning with Ace-8. We’ll have to change it to a winning hand of 2 pair of Aces and Eights.

    And I’m not sure what you’re talking about, as far as the headless poster. I’ll give you a call in a bit!


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