Wild Bill Hickok

Remember to come out to Deadwood Saloon Wednesday nights, starting October 27th.

Winning with an Ace-Eight (of any suit) will get ya a free shot on the house!  You’ve cheated death, and that deserves a drink!

One thought on “Dead Man’s Hand and Deadwood”
  1. Well after 15 of you won with an Ace-8, and I spent quite a bit of money on all your shots, we’re going to modify the rules a little bit!

    From now on at Deadwood, you must win with two pair of Aces and Eights… it’s the real Dead Man’s Hand. And yes, if the board has two pair and the board’s kicker beats everyone else’s hand, then those still playing to the showdown will get a free shot.

    Thanks to everyone who came out and got a little drunk because of Ace8!

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