Big congrats to Nima, Freeroll Atlanta’s top player for August!

Nima racked up 88 points in 19 games.  He also knocked out the most players, with 42 KOs.  He averaged 4.63 points per game, and finished the month with a strong player score of .706.  Good job dude!

freeroll atlanta poker graph for nima games

The chart above displays the tournaments Nima participated in.  The blue line represents the total number of players in that tournament, and the red line represents how far Nima got in that tournaments, or how many players he outlasted.  A first place finish is represented by the lines being even.

freeroll atlanta poker score vs average for nima

The chart above represents Nima’s player score for each tournament, and his score compared to the league’s average for August.  The league average was just under .500.

Again, good job Nima!

Top Players per Venue for August

Deadwood Saloon:  Kelly Wright – 27 pts, Doug Park – .720

Publik Draft House: Angelo Wong – 14 pts, Alice Wong – .836

RiRa:  Kramer – 39 pts, .866

Vortex L5P: Mike Odier -20 pts, Doug Park .720

Vortex Midtown: Nima- 54 pts, Brandon Brasher .950 (Brandon won all three of the games he played)


Monthly Prize Changes

Freeroll Atlanta will no longer be giving $100 to the top player each month.  Now, we’ll be awarding the top 5 players each month an invite to a quarterly freeroll with a $300 guarantee.  This freeroll will be held sometime in the week following the final tournament for the season.  Players who qualify more than once will receive a free rebuy at the tournament.

August’s Top 5: