November 2015 Kings and Queens Qualifiers


The Kings and Queens tournament for November will be held Friday, December 18th at DaVinci’s Pizza in Decatur at 7pm.

The winner will receive $250 cash!

Players who qualified more than once will get that many rebuys for the first hour.

Here are the qualifiers:

57th Fighter Group, Thursdays

  • Gary Carrico
  • Daniel Kramer
  • Scott Marino
  • Jessica Gale

57th Fighter Group, Saturdays

  • Scott Marino
  • Hamilton Graziano
  • Gary Carrico
  • Christian Covington

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Aaron Hill
  • Travis Glahn
  • Tom Roseberry
  • Shane Green
  • Heather Stratton
  • Indai Udoh

Davinci’s Decatur

  • Curt Osmundsen
  • Dennis Milligan
  • Mary Ann
  • Gina Reed
  • Chandler Anderson

Diesel Filling Station

  • Kyle Allen
  • Michael Vucelich
  • John Woodham
  • Calvin Delaney

Republic Social House

  • Jim Reed
  • Nick Vogel
  • Whitney Segars
  • Adam Hazel

RiRa Irish Pub, Sundays

  • Gary Carrico
  • Heather Stratton
  • Reagan Costen
  • Julie T

RiRa Irish Pub, Mondays

  • Julie T
  • Joey Affatato
  • Ian Shellman
  • Glenn Harper

Vortex Midtown

  • Jim Reed
  • Sarge Irions
  • Ali Osman
  • Kyle Allen
  • Greek John






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