After four and a half hours of dodging bullets and capitalizing on opportunities, Jordan took the whole tournament. Second place was Ted McGourn and third Corey Rosenberg. Thanks for all who made it a great tournament with lots of great players, one outers, bad beats and missed flush draws. It was a perfect weather patio tournament with awesome service and lots of friendly faces at Diesel Filling Station in Virginia Highlands. If you didn’t make this one, make sure to come out and get some points for the next one in July!
Jordan with Ted, second place finisher
Matt Palumbo, The Wizard won most knockouts and most player points for the season
Larry Headspeth gets the crown for highest player score of the Winter 2021 season!

Diesel poker goddess Natasha

Top 10

1 Jordan Goebel

2 Ted Mc Gourn

3 Corey Rosenberg

4 Matt Palumbo

5 Sobi

6 Bongo

7 Rick Turner

8 Stefan

9 Chris D

10 Alex Martinez

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