Rob Brown wins April’s race!

Rob “Brown Suga” won the Freeroll Atlanta $100 monthly race for April.  He accumulated 87 points in 28 games.  Rob ended the tournament with a Player Score of 600 (that’s good!).  He also earned himself $230 in house cash!  Congrats dude!  You played real well this month!

Here’s a chart showing Rob’s progression through the month.  The blue line is the size of the tournament played, and the red is how many folks Rob outlasted that tournament.  So, the higher the red line (and the closer to the blue line) the better.

Other notable events this month.

  • Christian Green had the best player score – 868 in 3 games. (3 games being the minimum to judge it by)
  • Martina Diamante had 57 knockouts.

Stats by Venue:

  • 57th Restaurant – Mike Hirsch, 20 points.  Mike Hirsch, 719 player score.
  • Deadwood Saloon – Jody Ray, 34 points.  Jeff Rakestraw, 747 player score.
  • Publik Draft House – Kris Fuqua, 17 points.  Bruce, 790 player score.
  • Rira Irish Pub – Rob Brown, 44 points.  Jon Joury, 754 player score.
  • Vortex Little 5 – Christian Green, 20 points.  Christian Green, 868 player score.
  • Vortex Midtown – Steve Bartle, 26 points.  Caleb Probst, 900 player score.

*Player score is an average of where a player places based on the size of the tournament.  Finishing high in a bigger tournament will result in a larger score.  Players mentioned above played at least 3 tournaments at that specific venue.

Thanks to everyone that came out!  The new Summer Season has started, and we’ll see who ends up being May’s $100 winner!