September Kings and Queens Tournament

Time for another Kings and Queens tournament!  This one will be held on Saturday, October 6th, at Deadwood Saloon, starting at 8pm.  The winner will receive $150 cash.


Here are the qualifiers:

Virat Rajaram, Carl Morris, Eddie Hardy – RiRa Irish Pub, Sundays

Jeff Rakestraw, Judy Slaughter – Vortex Midtown, Sundays

Errol Danley, Ken Sugden – RiRa Irish Pub, Mondays

Christine Robertson, Josh Stanley – Vortex Little 5 Points, Mondays

Aaron Godbey, Shane Green – The Elder Tree, Tuesdays

David Scherrer, Robert Blackwell – Vortex Midtown, Tuesdays

Juliana Perez, Kyle Rains – Diesel Filling Station, Wednesdays

Tim Gore, Christian Green – Vortex Little 5 Points, Wednesdays

Adam Pelletier, Jim Reed, Tom Roseberry, Charlie Charoenlap, Pete Cardillo, James Man – Vortex Midtown, Wednesdays

Edie Props, Tim Gore – Matador Cantina, Thursdays

Erik Tierney, DJ Feldman – Deadwood Saloon, Fridays

John T, Carl Morris – Deadwood Saloon, Saturdays








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