Summer Quarterly Tournament will be at The Independent Saturday October 15th at 1:30pm. These are the top 40 players eligible to play for a chance to be Summer Quarterly Winner, a trip to Vegas for two and your name immortalized on the infamous Freeroll Atlanta trophy.

1Matt Palumbo353.0
2Jamar Graham227.0
4Jamal Thomas215.0
5Don Signore184.0
6Larran Benford166.5
7Dimitrius Thomas160.0
8Jamar Rockymore157.5
10Johnny Stephenson134.5
11Eddie B128.0
14Lukas Pentowski120.0
16Greek John96.0
17Richard Fitzpatrick90.0
18Selena Miller87.0
19Eri N Taylor82.0
20Jordan Goebel80.0
21Dan Esrey78.0
22Alex Martinez77.0
23Alejandro Decastro77.0
24Quinlan Hanley74.0
25Nathan Williams74.0
26Eddie Hardy73.0
27Susan Kramer72.0
29Stefan “the Count” G66.0
31Travis Clement61.0
32Chris Gholston60.0
33David Stonely59.5
35Wael Sinno56.0
36Bradford Tolleson53.0
37Stefan Gojic49.0
38Jeff Bakos46.0
39Matt Mammola45.0
40Dean Sperry45.0

Stay tuned for seat assignments and chip stacks. Points for current season will be updated as soon as seat assignments are posted.

Also Knockout points will be changing this season. Only two venues will offer these. For the Fall season, only Hotto Hotto and Biggerstaff Brewing will count toward knockouts, one point for each person you knock out of the tournament. I believe Danny Williams holds the record with 12 knockouts and a win at The Glenwood for a total of 22 points in one tournament! So these two venues can really help you solidify your standing in the next season.