As we approach the end of this quarter things become a bit more competitive for those vying for a top 40 finish.  In following football’s footsteps, we’ve added a red zone for those players who are in the more volatile spot on our points list.

Those players in the red zone and below the 40 mark are within one win to qualify for the final tournament.  Players below the red zone can still qualify, but it’ll take more than one win.

Those players in the red zone and above the 40 mark are possibly in danger of being knocked out of the top 40.  This is just an estimate too.  We’re not sure exactly what the cutoff for the top 40 will be until the season is officially over.

So if you find yourself in the red zone then make sure you hit the Freeroll Atlanta games this last week.  The last day to garner some points will be October 31st.  The new season starts on November 1st.

Click here to check the “points” link to see where you stand in the league!