On the green slopes of an Irish battlefield, sixteen contestants mounted armored horses and drew their swords in a battle for the throne.

The arrival of past Kings and Queens, as well as a few Season Final winners, made for a hard fight and a great show.

One by one, a contestant lost sight of the dream and was forced to surrender.

And in the end, two victors decided to shake hands and call it a truce, to split the spoils amongst their kingdoms.

Susan Coker shook the hand of the mighty Mike Morgan, a previous Final Tournament winner, and the contest was done!

Congratulations to them both!

However, Mike Odier, once again, does not approve.  SealOfDisapproval

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.18.38 AM


*Edit Рthe above chart from the tournament displays an inaccurate amount of total winnings.  They split a $250 prize and each received $125 instead.

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