August Kings and Queens

All you Kings and Queens from August will be facing off against each other this Saturday, the 8th, at Deadwood Saloon starting at 8pm.  The winner will receive $150 cash.

Here are August’s qualifiers:

Sunday Midtown Vortex

  • James Man
  • KJ Little

Sunday RiRa

  • James Man
  • Jeff Rakestraw

Monday RiRa

  • Randy Wainman
  • James Man

Monday Vortex Little 5

  • Christine Robertson
  • Phil Wigglesworth
  • Chuck Barge
  • Tim Gore

Tuesday Elder Tree

  • Nick Carpentieri
  • Jessica Gale

Tuesday Vortex Midtown

  • Stefan G
  • Carl Morris

Wednesday Diesel

  • John Albrecht
  • Susan Coker

Wednesday Vortex Little 5

  • Christian Green
  • Henry Shoults

Wednesday Vortex Midtown

  • Mary Ann
  • Jim Arinik

Thursday Matador Cantina

  • Shane Green
  • Trevor Love

Friday Deadwood Saloon

  • Randy Wainman
  • Ken Sugden

Saturday Deadwood Saloon

  • Judy Slaughter
  • Jeff Rakestraw








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