All you Kings and Queens from August will be facing off against each other this Saturday, the 8th, at Deadwood Saloon starting at 8pm.  The winner will receive $150 cash.

Here are August’s qualifiers:

Sunday Midtown Vortex

  • James Man
  • KJ Little

Sunday RiRa

  • James Man
  • Jeff Rakestraw

Monday RiRa

  • Randy Wainman
  • James Man

Monday Vortex Little 5

  • Christine Robertson
  • Phil Wigglesworth
  • Chuck Barge
  • Tim Gore

Tuesday Elder Tree

  • Nick Carpentieri
  • Jessica Gale

Tuesday Vortex Midtown

  • Stefan G
  • Carl Morris

Wednesday Diesel

  • John Albrecht
  • Susan Coker

Wednesday Vortex Little 5

  • Christian Green
  • Henry Shoults

Wednesday Vortex Midtown

  • Mary Ann
  • Jim Arinik

Thursday Matador Cantina

  • Shane Green
  • Trevor Love

Friday Deadwood Saloon

  • Randy Wainman
  • Ken Sugden

Saturday Deadwood Saloon

  • Judy Slaughter
  • Jeff Rakestraw