We are having a fundraiser Saturday April 4 at 6pm for the staff of the restaurants we play at.  There is a $50 buy-in with no rebuys or add-ons.  50% will benefit the staff and 50% will go to the top 3 finishers.  
To play:
Go to and download the software on your computer. Sorry phones and tablets are not supported. 
Then sign up.
Once you have completed sign up, click Home Games in the lower right corner.
Click Join Club: 3222288
Invitation code: Freeroll

You can send money via:
Cash App:  $FreerollAtlanta
Venmo: bryan-blase-1

Please don’t wait til the last minute, because some users have had trouble downloading the software. If you have trouble, try using another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer, or you may need to use developer mode.

Registration starts now, so get started early.
The tournament you want to register for is:
Apr 4 18:00 $50 buy-in

See you at the tables, virtually!