Christine Benedict, our favorite lady Canadian, took down the Freeroll Atlanta Fall 2012 Final Tournament!

This is perfect timing for a free Vegas vacation as her and her new husband, Freeroll TD Blake Benedict, have yet to book their honeymoon!

Christine started the tournament at 18th place – right in the middle.  We’re not sure exactly how her rise to the top went, but it looks like it happened slowly and steadily.  Christine didn’t have a KO until final table, when she took out Jim Reed at 5th place.

But she fought her way to heads-up against former Champion Jeff Rakestraw.  Christine knocked out Jeff with a 6-9 off suit (much to Eddie Hardy’s excitement).  Jeff later said he just wanted to make sure Christine and Blake got a Vegas honeymoon.  Yeah right, Jeff.

So congratulations to Christine!  Can’t wait to hear about your successes in Las Vegas!

 Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 4.54.07 PM

Note from Daniel Stabler:  Sorry Christine, that it took so long to get this post up.  As I told you earlier, website problems due to hackers and general laziness and forgetfulness kept me from posting this earlier.  Again, sorry.  I hope you win another one – and this time it’ll be up ASAP.