Oliver Howington is our Winter 2012 Final Tournament Champion!!

The competition this season was particularly difficult especially with some of our highest points earnings to date (resulting in some wide gaps in starting chip stacks).  But Oliver, who’s only been playing with Freeroll Atlanta for two seasons now, swept in a snatched the top title.


As we got into our heads-up play, Oliver had KJ  (who had the highest player score of our top 40) outchipped at the start.  Hope was with KJ, however, as he had already come back from a blind all-in back in round 6 and managed to build his stack way up by the time we got to final table.  But there’s not much the shorter stack can do when his opponent flops a flush, as Oliver did in the last hand.



So congratulations again to Oliver!  He’ll be taking a free trip to Las Vegas soon, staying for 3 nights.  Wish him luck on his first trip to that magical city in the desert!


Aside from KJ Little receiving a complimentary bottle of Irishman Whisky from RiRa (sorry we forgot to get a photo), we awarded Greg Kirby with the KO king’s crown.  Wear it proudly, Greg.


All our final table winners received a commemorative Freeroll Atlanta Winter 2012 Championship card protector.  Congrats to our other eight players.


The new Spring 2013 Season is already underway!  We’ll see you at the tables and hopefully at the next Final Tournament in May!

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