Craig Bruckman is February 2012’s top player!  Craig racked up a massive 94.5 points in 28 tournaments throughout February!  He finished the month with a player score of 0.587, knocked out 27.5 players, managed a 3.38 points per game average, and accumulated $172.50 in house cash winnings!  Good job dude!


Here’s a couple looks at some of the data for Craig’s tournaments in February.

The blue line represents how many total people played in each tournament Craig participated in.  The red line represents how many players Craig outlasted.  Therefore, if the red line and blue line touch at any point, then that represents a win for Craig.

Craig managed to finish above the league average for February nearly 2/3 of the tournaments he played in.  Pretty good!  Player score is determined by a player’s placement compared to the tournament size.  So, winning a larger tournament will result in a higher score than winning a smaller tournament.


Val Jones
Randy Wainman
Keith Baxter








Other notable players in February:

Best player score:  Tabatha M – 0.751

Most KOs:  Val Jones – 30 kos

Best PPG average:  Randy Wainman – 6.43 points per game


Deadwood Saloon

  • Craig Bruckman – 28.5 points
  • Charlie Charoenlap – 0.687 player score
  • Nick E – 11 KOs

Publik Draft House

  • Keith Baxter – 16 points
  • Keith Baxter – 0.701 player score
  • Val Jones – 6 KOs

Ri Ra Irish Pub

  • Randy Wainman – 45 points
  • Randy Wainman – 0.731 player score
  • Randy Wainman – 13 KOs

Vortex Little 5 Points

  • Doug Park – 32 points
  • Matt Palumbo – 0.834 player score
  • Trevor Love – 16 KOs

Vortex Midtown

  • Val Jones – 35.5 points
  • Jeff Rakestraw – 0.764 player score
  • Val Jones & Jim Arlinki – 16 KOs



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