Jeff Rakestraw is the top points earner for Freeroll Atlanta Poker in March!  Jeff accumulated 83 total points, finished with a player score of 0.575, racked up $225 in earnings, and managed a 4.15 average points per game!  Awesome, dude.

The chart to the left represents Jeff’s placement in each of the tournaments he played in March.

Anywhere you see the red and blue lines meet represents a win.  So, the less blue you see, the better!

As you can see, there are quite a lot of top finishes for the month.  A couple days of bad luck, it looks like, but overall some really strong tournaments!


This chart shows Jeff’s player score for each tournament.  The red line represents the average player score in the league, which was 0.464.

Jeff only placed below average 5 times out of his 20 games.

We also see 10 games over 0.750.  That’s half his tournaments!

Good job dude!



Dave Matysiak
Martina Diamante
Christian Green

Other notable players:

Top Player Score:  Christian Green – 0.806

Most KOs:  Martina Diamante – 39

Most Points per Game:  Christian Green and Gavin Arvizo – 6.67

Stats by venue

Deadwood Saloon

  • Martina Diamante – 23 points
  • Dave Matysiak – 0.814 player score
  • Dave Matysiak – 15 KOs

Ri Ra Irish Pub

  • Jeff Rakestraw – 36 points
  • Andrew Harrison – 0.791 player score
  • Martina Diamante – 15 KOs

Vortex Little 5 Points

  • Greg Kirby – 34 points
  • Christian Green – 0.806 player score
  • Mike Odier – 17 KOs

Vortex Midtown

  • Jim Arinik – 41 points
  • KJ Little – 0.784 player score
  • Jim Arinik – 22.33 KOs
And finally, congrats to our top 8 players who qualified for the monthly champions tournament coming up on May 1st!