Congrats to Dave Matysiak, the winner of the Spring 2012 Monthly Champions Tournament!  A $300 prize was offered, but Dave, Charlie, and Stefan decided to break it up so that 3 positions got paid.  Dave walked with $150, Stefan with $100, and Charlie with $50!  Good job guys.

They qualified by being in the top 8 points earners for February, March, or April, or by having the highest player score during those months (as Dave did, twice).

For the current Summer Season, we’re going to open up more chances to qualify for this tournament.  Not only will our top 8 players be invited, but we’re extending it to the top 3 with the highest player score, and also the top 3 with the most KOs.  A player can only qualify for the tournament once per month (say, for instance, a player has enough points to be in the top 8 but also has the most KOs – that player still only qualifies once).

Qualifying for multiple months will earn the player a rebuy in the Monthly Champions tournament.

Summer season has started already!  Get qualified for the Monthly Champions tournament, and also the seasonal Quarterly Final for a trip to Las Vegas!