Stefan is our top points earner for April!  It ended up being a tight race there at the end, but he pulled ahead at the end of the month!  Good job!

Stefan racked up 51 points, a player score of 0.522, 33 KOs, and $190 in house cash won!

Let’s take a look at a couple charts showing Stefan’s performance throughout the month.

This chart shows Stefan's player score for each tournament. The red line represents the league average score for the month.
This chart represents how many people he outlasted in each tournament. The blue line is the size of the tournment, and the red line is how many people he beat. The less blue showing, the better!

We had a number of other impressive players for this month!  Here’s some stats for the other folks, as well as the stats for each venue.

 Most Points:  Stefan, 51 points

 Top Player Score:  Dave Matysiak, 0.891

 Most KOs:  Stefan, 33

 Most PPG:  Dave Matysiak, 8.0

Dave Matysiak was really impressive!  Averaging 8 points per game (that’s better than second place, on average), and a player score just shy of .900!  Haven’t seen stats that high on anyone who’s ever played at least 3 tournaments in a month!  Good job dude!

Stats per venue:

Deadwood Saloon

  • Most Points:  Dave Matysiak, 32 points
  • Best Player Score:  KJ Little, 0.909
  • Most KOs:  Dave Matysiak, 20 KOs

RiRa Irish Pub

  • Most Points:  Tabatha Michel, 26 points
  • Best Player Score:  Tabatha Michel, 0.798
  • Most KOs:  Stefan, 15 KOs

Vortex Little Five Points

  • Most Points:  Phil Wigglesworth, 26.5 points
  • Best Player Score:  Mike Foster, 0.779
  • Most KOs:  Matt Palumbo, 14 KOs

Vortex Midtown

  • Most Points:  Stefan, 30 points
  • Best Player Score:  Bryan Blase, 0.705
  • Most KOs:  Stefan, 17