David Wright is October’s top player!


David finished number 1 for the month with 75 points, out of a field of 222 players!  He played 24 tournaments, knocked out 44 players, won $185 in house cash, and finished with a player score of 0.567!  Good job man, and ROLL TIDE!

The chart above shows David’s placement in each of his tournaments.  The blue line represents the size of the tournament, and the red line represents how many players he outlasted.  If the red and blue lines are equal then that represents a win for David.

The chart above shows David’s player score for each of his tournaments.  The red line represents the league average score for October, which is 0.463.  Any blue bar above the red line represents a tournament placement above average.

Other notable players for October:

Dave Weil finished the month with the top overall player score – .0756 out of 3 games he played!  And once again, Nick Carpentieri and Trevor Love dominated two of our venues.

Dave Weil
Nick Carpentieri
Trevor Love


Deadwood Saloon

  • Christian Covington, 22 points
  • Erik Tierney,0.733 player score in 3 games
  • Martina Diamante, Christian Covington, 9 KOs
Publik Draft House
  • Nick Carpentieri, 16 points
  • Nick Carpentieri, 0.922 player score in 2 games
  • Nick Carpentieri, 11 KOs
RiRa Irish Pub
  • Jim Fleming, 36 points
  • Will Scott, 0.785 player score in 4 games
  • Jim Fleming, 17 KOs
Vortex Bar and Grill – Little 5 Points
  • Trevor Love, 24 points
  • Christian Green, 0.711 player score in 7 games
  • Trevor Love, 15 KOs
Vortex Bar and Grill – Midtown
  • David Wright, 29 points
  • Tom Roseberry, 0.878 player score in 3 games
  • David Wright, 20 KOs