A couple weeks ago Freeroll Atlanta invited the top 5 players from each of the months in the Fall Quarter to participate in a $300 freeroll.  The final four players decided to chop the pot, taking $75 each.  Those winners were Kramer, Kris Fuqua, Kelly Wright, and Martina Diamante.  Congratulations!

Here’s how it will work from now on.  Instead of the top 5 being invited, we will now be inviting the top 8 players with the most points for each month during a season (3 months).  That way we potentially have 3 full tables.  There is a possibility that we may add the player with the best player score too, if they haven’t already qualified with their points.

This tournament will take place during the week following the Quarterly Final Tournaments.  Unlike our Quarterly Final, all players will receive the same chipstack.

So come out to the games and be one of the top 8 for the month, and win a chance at making an extra $300!