The Kings and Queens tournament for December 2014 will most likely be held Saturday, January 17th at 57th Fighter Group at 1pm, but this has not been confirmed yet.  Pencil it on your calendars.  We will update when we confirm the date and venue.

The winner will receive $250 cash!  Points will also be awarded.

Players who qualified more than once will get that many rebuys for the first hour.

Here are the qualifiers:

57th Fighter Group

  • Chris Mcauley
  • Marion Hicks
  • Craig Bruckman
  • Jonathan Harris
  • Jessica Gale

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Sarge Irions
  • Dan Esrey
  • Eddie Hardy
  • Kayla Coots

Diesel Filling Station

  • Chris Mcauley
  • Eddie Hardy
  • Thomas Ward
  • Stefan G
  • Curt Osmundsen

Front Page News Midtown

  • Stefan G
  • Gary Carrico
  • Larry Headspeth
  • Lan Green

Republic Social House

  • Jameson Humber
  • Lockett Pundt
  • Whitney Segars
  • Heather Jacobs

RiRa Irish Pub, Sundays

  • Mike Johnson
  • Stefan G
  • Alex Parker
  • Andy Harrison

RiRa Irish Pub, Mondays

  • Curt Osmundsen
  • James Man
  • Nathan Williams
  • Scott Philbeck

Vortex Midtown, Sundays

  • Johnny Stephenson
  • Randy Wainman
  • Jeff Rakestraw
  • James Man

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