December Kings and Queens Qualifiers

Congratulations to our December Kings and Queens qualifiers!

This Kings and Queens tournament will be held the Saturday, the 5th of January, at Deadwood Saloon at 7pm.

The winner will receive $250 cash.

Sunday Vortex Midtown

  • Eddie Hardy
  • John T

Sunday RiRa

  • Lamb
  • James Man

Monday Vortex Little 5 Points

  • Greg Kirby
  • Jessica Gale

Monday RiRa

  • Eoghan Toner
  • Andy Harrison
  • Scott Orel
  • Tom Atherton

Tuesday Elder Tree

  • Eddie Hardy
  • Corey Hitchcock

Tuesday Vortex Midtown

  • Tom Roseberry
  • Garrett Hockin
  • Ali Payani

Wednesday Diesel

  • Juliana Perez
  • Paul Snyder

Wednesday Vortex Little 5 Points

  • Will Melton
  • Jim Reed

Thursday Matador

  • Travis Clement
  • Will Melton

Thursday Vortex Midtown

  • Jim Arinik
  • James Man

Friday Deadwood Saloon

  • Greg Kirby
  • James Man

Saturday Deadwood Saloon

  • Joe Lamb
  • Greg Kirby









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