Greg Kirby topped the charts the final month of 2012, ending the year as Freeroll Atlanta’s final top monthly player for December!

Greg ended the month with 94.5 points, a better than average player score of 0.560, a staggering 39 knockouts, and finishing with a PPG average of 3.63.  He took home $220 in earnings in his 26 games he played.

As we can see from the above chart, Greg started out the month pretty strong, placing high in his second and third games (a player score of .900 or above usually indicates a first or second finish).  And then we see about halfway through the month his points total skyrocketing at a very quick pace.  That was due to his winning three (3!) tournaments in a row.

16 of his 26 tournaments he earned a higher than average player score (leave average score was 0.469 for December).  Player score is determined by one’s placement in the tournament and how many people played the tournament.  So, winning a larger tournament is worth a higher score than winning a smaller tournament.

So good job Mr Kirby!  Can you do it again in 2013?

Let’s look at some other folks who deserve some recognition for their stats in December 2012…

Aside from Greg Kirby earning the most points (94.5) and the most KOs (39), Will Melton ended up with the best player score – 0.737 earned in a total of 10 games.  And Joe Lamb had the best points per game average with 6.22 in 9 games played (that’s like earning better than 3rd place each time he played)!

Stats per venue:

 Deadwood Saloon

  • Most Points:  Greg Kirby, 39.5 points
  • Top Player Score:  Joe Lamb, 0.865
  • Most KOs:  Joe Lamb, 14 KOs
 Diesel Filling Station
  • Most Points:  Juliana Perez, 20 points
  • Top Player Score:  Geri Stanton, 0.657
  • Most KOs:  Chris Barton, 10 KOs
 The Elder Tree
  • Most Points:  Eddie Hardy, 14 points
  • Top Player Score:  Eddie Hardy, 0.840
  • Most KOs:  Corey Hitchcock, 9 KOs
 Matador Cantina
  • Most Points:  Travis Clement, 24 points
  • Top Player Score:  Travis Clement, 0.859
  • Most KOs:  Travis Clement, 21 KOs
 RiRa Irish Pub
  • Most Points:  James Man, 27 points
  • Top Player Score:  Christian Green, 0.703
  • Most KOs:  James Man, 16 KOs
 The Vortex in Little Five Points
  • Most Points:  Greg Kirby, 30 points
  • Top Player Score:  Will Melton, 0.712
  • Most KOs:  Jessica Gale / Greg Kirby, 15 KOs
 The Vortex in Midtown
  • Most Points:  John T, 38 points
  • Top Player Score:  Steve Bartle, 0.734
  • Most KOs:  John T, 19 KOs



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