For the second month in a row, Greg Kirby has wracked up the most points in a month!  He ended this month with 91 points, a player score of 0.565, 33 KOs, and $190 in bar cash – all done in a whopping 27 games played!

Greg Kirby was also last month’s top player.  You can see how he and others did last month here.  Let’s see what his month looked like:

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 5.38.24 PMIt looks like Greg had a pretty steady rise in points, according to the blue line.  By looking at the red line, it appears he alternated between some really good games and some really bad games.  But, there were enough good games to push him to the top spot!  Only 9 of his 27 games were below average performances.

So congrats, Greg.  Let’s see if you can use that starting chipstack to win another trip to Vegas on Sunday!


Aside from Greg’s top points, we had some other noteworthy players this month.  Randy Wainman had the best player score (with a minimum of 4 games played) at 0.707 (in 10 games).  Recent addition to the league, Blondie, had the most knockouts at 52.  And Jeff Rakestraw finished the month with the highest points per game (again, 4 games minimum) at 4.67 PPG.

Stats per venue:

 Deadwood Saloon

  • Most Points:  James Man, 29 points
  • Top Player Score:  Eddie Hardy, 0.813
  • Most KOs:  James Man, 17.5 KOs
 Diesel Filling Station
  • Most Points:  Juliana Perez, 25.5 points
  • Top Player Score:  Juliana Perez, 0.815
  • Most KOs:  Mike Martin, 9 KOs
 The Elder Tree
  • Most Points:  Oliver Howinton, 17 points
  • Top Player Score:  Oliver Howington, 0.731
  • Most KOs:  Oliver Howington & Shane Green, 11 KOs
 Matador Cantina
  • Most Points:  Jim Reed, 37 points
  • Top Player Score:  Jim Reed, 0861
  • Most KOs:  Jim Reed, 14 KOs
 RiRa Irish Pub
  • Most Points:  Jim Arinik, 25 points
  • Top Player Score:  Jim Arinik, 0.716
  • Most KOs:  Eoghan Toner, 11.5 KOs
 The Vortex in Little Five Points
  • Most Points:  Will Melton, 36 points
  • Top Player Score:  Will Melton, 0.665
  • Most KOs:  Blondie, 22 KOs
 The Vortex in Midtown
  • Most Points:  Val Jones, 44 points
  • Top Player Score:  Ian Shellman, 0.790
  • Most KOs:  Val Jones, 32 KOs

*Edit – Previously Greg was mentioned as being the only person to have the most points two months in a row.  We were reminded that Johnny Stephenson was actually the first person to be the top points earner.  Apologies.