Jeff Rakestraw is July’s Top Player


Jeff Rakestraw, our only 3-time Final Tournament Champ, is now also the top player for July 2014.

Jeff Rakestraw and Scott Philbeck started July with one goal in mind – to make sure Eddie Hardy was not the top player for a third month in a row.  They succeeded.  However, it was Jeff who made a big push at the end of the month and passed everyone, including Scott.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 4.16.32 PM

Let’s take a look at some of Jeff’s stats for the month of July:

Total Points:  81.5

Player Score:  0.753

Total KOs:  29

Registrations:  17

Final Table Percentage:  82%

Points per Game:  4.79

Total Winnings:  $130

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 2.39.08 PM

Above we can see how well Jeff did in each of his games, compared to the league average.  Only three games were played at a sub-average level!  Pretty impressive!

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 2.46.10 PM

And in this chart we can see how his finishes were.  His first place percentage of 18% is comparable to Eddie Hardy’s 16% last month.

The main difference is Jeff’s 18% out of the final table.  Compare that to Eddie’s 42%, and we see how well Jeff did.  Jeff actually only had 3 games where he didn’t make it to the final table.

So good job, Jeff!  We’re sure we’ll see you at the top again soon.  And sorry Eddie, we know you really wanted that 3-month streak!

July League Stats

  • Best player score:  Nathan Williams, 0.880
  • Most KOs:  Jeff Rakestraw, 29
  • Most KO Points:  Meghan Kohn, 4
  • Most registrations:  Lan Green, 24
  • Most winnings:  Erik Tierney, $200
Top Players by Venue:

57th Fighter Group

  • Points:  Scott Philbeck / Kramer
  • Player score:  Scott Philbeck, 0.851
  • KOs:  Kramer, 11

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Points:  Adam Hazel, 17
  • Player score:  Adam Hazel, 0.836
  • KOs:  Stephen Gardner, 7

Deadwood Saloon

  • Points:  Lan Green, 17.5
  • Player score:  Ajai Karthikeyan, 0.716
  • KOs:  Jennifer Thomas / Ajai Karthikeyan, 6

Diesel Filling Station

  • Points:  Alexandria Jones, 26
  • Player score:  Alexandria Jones, 0.878
  • KOs:  Michael Tarver / Garrett Eastridge / Andy Bibliowicz, 7

Front Page News

  • Points:  Stephanie Alderman, 19
  • Player score:  Jay Skuban, 0.866
  • KOs:  James Man, 11

RiRa Irish Pub – Sundays

  • Points:  Jim Arinik, 17
  • Player score:  Alexandria Jones, 0.880
  • KOs:  KJ Little / Jim Arinik, 8

RiRa Irish Pub – Mondays

  • Points:  Luke Burpee, 20
  • Player score:  Luke Burpee, 0.813
  • KOs:  Will Scott / Scott Philbeck, 8

Vortex Little Five Points – Mondays

  • Points:  Kayla Coots, 25
  • Player score:  Sean Huff, 0.919
  • KOs:  Greg Kirby, 12

Vortex Little Five Points – Wednesdays

  • Points:  Gnick Waldorf, 24
  • Player score:  Dan Esrey, 0.893
  • KOs:  Gnick Waldorf, 11

Vortex Midtown – Sundays

  • Points:  Jeff Rakestraw, 16.5
  • Player score: Patrick O’Hearn, 0.938
  • KOs:  Jeff Rakestraw, 5






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