Again!  For the second month in a row, Johnny Stephenson amassed the most points in the league!  This is a first in the time we’ve been tracking monthly winners!

In December, Johnny racked up 57 points, finished with a player score of 0.506, made $145 in house cash, and maintained a points-per-game average of 4.07 (that means, on average, he finished slightly better than 5th place).  So good job dude!

Let’s look at how his month went:

The chart to the left shows the games he played compared to the average player score in the league for December.  The average score for the league was 0.480.  Johnny’s was 0.506.

Player score is determined by one’s placement in a tournament, and the number of players in a tournament.  Placing 5th place in a 30 person tournament will result in a higher score than placing 5th in an 18 person tournament.

The chart to the left shows each game Johnny played and how he placed in each one.  The blue bar represents the size of the tournament, and the red bar represents how many players Johnny outlasted.  So, if the red and blue bars are equal in size, that means Johnny won that tournament.






Other notable players and stats for December

Andrew Pressler - RiRa's top player
Mike Foster - Top Player Score










  • Most Points:  Johnny Stephenson with 57
  • Top Player Score:  Mike Foster with .0761 in 6 games
  • Most Knockouts:  Stefan with 22 KOs
  • Most Money Made:  Johnny Stephenson earned $195
  • Highest Points per Game Average:  Matt Palumbo with 5.25 points per game


Stats per Venue

Deadwood Saloon

  • Most Points:  Jody Ray – 10.5 points
  • Best Score:  Jody Ray – 0.721
  • Most KOs:  Kris Fuqua – 5 KOs
Publik Draft House
  • Most Points:  Craig Bruckman – 18.5 points
  • Best Score:  Keith Baxter – 0.811
  • Most KOs:  Stefan – 14 KOs
RiRa Irish Pub
  • Most Points:  Andrew Pressler – 39.5 points
  • Best Score:  Andrew Pressler – 0.779
  • Most KOs:  Andrew Pressler – 18 KOs
Vortex Little 5 Points
  • Most Points:  Doug Park – 30 points
  • Best Score:  Matt Palumbo – 0.869
  • Most KOs:  Matt Palumbo – 13 KOs
Vortex Midtown
  • Most Points:  Jeff Rakestraw – 26 points
  • Best Score:  Greg Kirby – 0.883
  • Most KOs:  Steven Genson, Johnny Stephenson, Greg Kirby – 9 KOs

And lastly, our players who will be invited to play February 7th’s monthly winners tournament: