Johnny Stephenson is November’s Freeroll Atlanta champion!

Johnny ended the month with 41 points, a player score of 0.639, 17 knockouts, and $110 in winnings.  Steve Genson had the lead for the whole month, but Johnny managed to squeeze ahead at the final game of the month with a third place finish!

The chart above shows the size of the tournaments Johnny played and how many people he outlasted.  If both the red and blue bars are even, then that represents a win.

The chart above shows Johnny’s player score for each tournament in comparison to the rest of the players in the league.  The league average in November was 0.483.


November’s Top 8

November marked the first month that we decided to allow the top 8 players (up from 5) to be able to qualify for the $300 freeroll at the end of the season.  This $300 freeroll is a separate tournament from the top 40 Vegas tournament.

We’ve also been looking for a way to reward the players with the best player score.  So this month, and moving forward, if the person with the best player score (with a minimum of 3 games) didn’t make it into the top 8, then we’re going to go ahead and put them in that tournament.  So congrats to Amir Atabaki for finishing the month with a player score of 0.836!

Our top 8 for November are:

Johnny Stephenson, Steve Genson, Jeff Rakestraw, Kramer, Kelly Wright, Mike Odier, Jeff Harrah, and Greg Kirby.

Congratulations, and we’ll see  you at the $300 freeroll on February 7th at RiRa.

Other notable achievements in November

Kramer ended the month with the most KOs – 27.  As mentioned above, Amir Atabaki ended the month with a player score of 0.836 in 5 games.

Jim Fleming









Stats per venue:

Deadwood Saloon

  • Jim Fleming, 20 points
  • Jim Fleming, 0.784 player score
  • Jim Fleming, 10 KOs
Publik Draft House
  • Amir Atabaki, 17 points
  • Amir Atabaki, 0.917 player score
  • Amir Atabaki, 11 KOs
RiRa Irish Pub
  • Andrew Pressler, 16 points
  • Randy Wainman, 0.581 player score
  • Martina Diamante, 11 KOs
Vortex Little 5 Points
  • Mike Odier, 27 points
  • Travis Clement, 0.812 player score
  • Mike Odier, 13 KOs
Vortex Midtown
  • Steve Genson, 25.5 points
  • Andy Harrison, 0.865 player score
  • Kramer, 18 KOs