June 2014 Kings and Queens Qualifiers


The Kings and Queens tournament for June 2014 will be held Friday the 18th of July at Deadwood Saloon at 8.

The winner will receive $250 cash!  Points will now be awarded.

Players who qualified more than once will get that many rebuys for the first hour!

Here are the qualifiers:

57th Fighter Group

  • Kramer
  • Michael Harner
  • Susan Coker
  • Alexandria Jones

Brewhouse Cafe

  • Travis Glahn
  • Shanti Nagrani
  • Travis Clement

Deadwood Saloon

  • Eddie Hardy
  • Meghan Kohn
  • Ajai Karthikeyan

Diesel Filling Station

  • Meghan Kohn
  • Danny Williams
  • Rashad Taylor
  • Lan Green
  • Joel Salgado
  • Andy Bibliowicz

Front Page News Midtown

  • Jay Skuban
  • Erik Tierney
  • Jim Arinik

RiRa Irish Pub, Sundays

  • Eddie Hardy
  • Jeff Rakestraw
  • Jay Skuban

RiRa Irish Pub, Mondays

  • Sam Sangal
  • Stefan G
  • Scott Philbeck

Vortex Little 5 Points, Mondays

  • Whitney Segars
  • Greg Kirby
  • Christian Green

Vortex Little 5 Points, Wednesdays

  • Johnny Stephenson
  • Travis Clement
  • Asa Bagshaw

Vortex Midtown, Sundays

  • Stefan G
  • Heather Stratton
  • Addison Webb






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