Kris Fuqua, for the third time, has won the $100 race.

Kris was joined by his family at RiRa Irish Pub on July 3rd, and celebrated his victory with him.

Kris slaughtered the competition this month by racking up 78.5 points within 18 games – and maintaining a Player Score of .721!  He made it into the points 78% of the games he played!  Dang!

The chart below shows the games he played and how many people he outlasted in each one.  The blue bar represents the size of the tournament, or the number of people that registered.  The red bar represents how far Kris got in each tournament, or how many people he outlasted.

This graph shows his Player Score for each tournament he played in.  The Player Score is a value determined by how well a player does in a tournament, and how many people played in that tournament.  So placing in the top 3 of a large tournament will result in a higher score than placing in a small tournament.  The average player score for all players in June was .490.  Only twice did Kris perform less than average.  Pretty impressive!

So big congrats, Kris!  You played really well this month!

Other notable achievements this month:

  • Geoff Hahn had the best player score (with a minimum of 3 games played) – .836 in 3 games.
  • Kris Fuqua had the most KOs with 30.
  • Torres Elliot and Martina Diamante had the most registrations with 21 each.

Best players per venue: